Pro PlayerPrefs Editor


ProPlayerPrefs Editor is a Unity plugin that provides an advanced interface to edit your Unity in-game PlayerPrefs.  In addition, it provides advanced encryption and decryption of string values and an in-game class to read and write these values, providing protection of your valuable in-game data from prying eyes.

ProPlayerPrefs Editor contains the following advanced features:

  • Editing of Float, Integer and String PlayerPrefs values in both Edit and Play mode
  • Auto refresh of values in Play mode on all supported platforms
  • Encryption settings stored in convenient Asset files that can be shared between Edit and Play mode
  • Simple Play mode component for encrypting and decrypting setting values
  • Encryption and decryption of individual string values within the Editor
  • Filtering on Key Types, Keys Names and Values
  • Full Editor platform support for Windows and Mac systems

ProPlayerPrefs Editor is the most advanced component of its kind available.

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Download the manual from:


PPE_CodePPE_Normal PPE_Encrypt